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What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

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Google Business Profile

What is Google Business Profile?

Visibility, brand awareness, lead generation: these may all sound like corporate buzzwords, but each of them is an essential componentRead More

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How To Leverage Social Media To Help You With Recruiting

One of this year’s economic issues from Covid-19 has been the ongoing labor crisis facing several industries in the U.S. In July alone, nearly 4 million people quit their jobs, according to Newsweek, and the quit rate in the U.S. was at 2.7%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. The food service and accommodation industry, specifically, had a quit rate of 5.4%.

From my perspective, employers must figure out how to be ahead of the competition in finding the right people for their team. Without employees, companies cannot grow or succeed. One method underutilized by companies large and small is social media. As the CEO of a marketing firm, I’ve seen that social media can be used to make your culture and brand stand out among others competing for the same workers.

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14 Smart Strategies To Boost Chances Of Making The Right Hire

How can a company hire the perfect candidate? This question has long been at the heart of numerous hiring practices across a variety of companies. Nevertheless, seeking “the perfect candidate” can often doom the process from the outset. 

Companies often wish to hire employees that can add value to their existing teams, but they don’t always take the time to clearly communicate those values to potential candidates, leaving candidates scrambling for answers. To cut through the fog of ambiguous hiring practices, 14 members of Forbes Business Council laid out their best strategies for finding candidates who suit the role. 

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Horrifying Yet All-Too-Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

“I want my website to be simpler,” a client said to us over the phone. “Let’s delete all the subpages and just have a single landing page. It’ll make our potential clients need to call us for more info.” Horrified, my team glared at one other, not knowing exactly what to say next. As their marketing partner, we felt the client didn’t understand the value of the content on the website and why it needed to grow, not shrink. 

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