Branding and Design

branding and design

It’s the feeling clients get when they buy your products, services, or think about your business. A brand makes a connection with their audience and evokes a feeling from them. A logo on its own doesn’t do that. Instead, the logo goes hand-in-hand with the messaging and the quality or experience your clients enjoy when working with your business.

Specific Brand Identity

Imagine a consistent brand experience throughout all materials, platforms, and ads that your business is involved in. From business cards to flyers to Facebook ads, your audience will begin to know, like, and trust you the more they see the consistency you bring when you show up. To make the entire experience seamless your logo, design, messaging, website, and product or service should be aligned.

Marketing Partners

We consider ourselves marketing partners, not an outsourced agency. We value the work we do for you as if it were for our own company. At Hot Dog Marketing, we meet your needs by creating work that we are proud of. We make everything uniquely suited to your vision for your organization. To accomplish this, we act as an extension of your team.

Discover Your Brand

Together, we’ll go through our brand discovery process to dive deep into what your business is, who your target audience is, and what your goals are. This helps us dial in precisely what your needs are and identify what will work best for your business. Rest assured that we will craft a unique brand experience and logo design that will connect with your audience.

Refining the Final Product

Then, we’ll get to work analyzing ideas and building the perfect brand identity for your business. Our digital team will create messaging and wording that speaks directly to your audience, while our design team creates the beautiful logo you’ve always wanted.

Love It

We’ll know we’ve done an excellent job when people start recognizing your business and new clients feel like they already know your business.