Why Do People Love Their Work at Hot Dog Marketing?

Hot Dog Marketing started based on a passion for helping small businesses succeed. The company has evolved to build on that premise by helping our employees succeed. Not only in their entry role with the company, but through provided training and professional development throughout every year to empower our team grow in purpose and in skill.

We work with one-another honestly and share our victories and defeats. Our team comes together during challenges to create positive outcomes and learn from errors. Transparency is at the forefront of what we do and admitting a misstep is an opportunity for growth, hiding it does not open the issue to problem-solving and doesn’t fit our culture.

Hot Dog Marketing focuses on quality work and awesomeness, finding individual talent and helping to grow that talent in a collaborative atmosphere. We build processes to harness creativity while keeping up with business standards and practices. Proactive communication and customer service are tenants of our success, and we value these abilities highly among all of our team members. No idea is too small, and the opinion of every team member matters. We encourage sharing innovative moves that we could make in the community and the industry.

Community is Our Bedrock

We love our community. Hot Dog Marketing is located just a few minutes north of Austin, Texas. Several staff members live and work often in Austin, and many of our clients are part of the Keep it Weird culture. Our team works and lives across the United States, with the majority based in Central Texas. We continue to grow and work around the country and consider community wherever you call home.

Who We Hire

Hot Dog Marketing works to hire from diverse backgrounds and is an inclusive workplace. We capitalize on talent not only based on experience but on unique skills and talent that traverse industry and agency talent needs. From former small business owners and teachers to in-house marketers and talented writers, we find people who are the best at what they do and use the skills they have gained from past jobs to benefit our clients’ brands.

We hire problem-solvers and collaborative-natured team members. Our training not only covers how we do things at Hot Dog Marketing, but why we care about small business so much and how we can best help our clients meet their goals.

The Pack