Jessica Hendrick Scanlon

Founder/ Top Dog

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In 2012, after a disappointing attempt at a career working for large corporations, Jessica decided to take her little marketing agency concept and turn it into a full-service marketing firm that worked with the underserved small-to-medium size business market.

As CEO, Jessica leads one the nation’s leading branding and digital marketing teams and serves as a fraction CMO as needed to fast-growing service-based and SaaS businesses. She is highly empathetic and experienced in the many business challenges that face owners and operators face as they move towards scaled growth. Because of that, she often becomes quick friends with and a trusted advisor to Hot Dog Marketing clients.

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Listen to Zig When They Zag, a podcast and video blogcast for leaders obsessed with growing their business. Jessica’s conversations with Director of Strategy Kevin Ring, MBA will provide insights into how to think about marketing challenges.

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