Sophia Reznik

Sophia Rez

Marketing Automation Specialist

Sophia is a highly experienced marketing professional with a proven track record in social media, graphic design, automation, event coordination, and more. She consistently seeks to expand her skillset by acquiring new skills and software proficiencies.

Sophia knew she wanted to go into a career in marketing early on, as it combines the two things she loves: creativity and business. Her strategic thinking, keen eye, and innovative mindset empower her to strategize, explore, and generate impactful solutions. Currently, she dedicates her time to streamlining client operations through task automation, enabling them to prioritize their core business objectives.

When she’s not working, Sophia can be found on the kickball field with her (one-time winning) kickball team, binge-watching Big Brother and Survivor, taking a dance class, or exploring Austin’s vibrant food scene.

Two Truths and a Lie!

True – I went skydiving at a height of 15,000 feet in September 2022!

False – I have met Bono from U2, ballroom dancers Val and Maks from Dancing with the Stars, and even ran into the season 23 cast of Big Brother. Fun fact: I met them all randomly – never even knew they were at the same place as I was at the time!

True – Currently, I have traveled to 20 countries, and hope to add more soon!