Business Formation

Marketing Strategy for Companies in the Business Formation Stage

At the Business Formation Stage

You’re shaping it. In this primary stage, you’ll make many decisions that will have lasting effects on your business. Unfortunately, some of these decisions are influenced by unproven assumptions or become irrelevant after making a pivot.

You might only have a rough outline of your business goals and haven’t considered a marketing strategy yet. Even at this early stage, having a strategic marketing foundation can propel your business toward growth. However, knowing precisely where to go and how to get there can be difficult to discern all on your own.

Marketing Challenges for Businesses in the Formation Stage

  • Unidentified/untested target audiences
  • Unproven value propositions to meet the market need
  • Unsure of brand identity to best connect with the target audience
  • Uncertain of marketing channels for the best ROI
  • Inexperience in a new industry means you don’t know what you don’t know

Pursuing Business Growth

At the business formation stage, it can be exciting to jump into taking action and overlook planning a roadmap to profit. Yet, making informed, big-picture decisions will ultimately lead to more positive results and fewer errors along the way. A marketing strategy that meets your enthusiasm with a practical approach to entering the market will smooth out the entire process.

At Hot Dog Marketing, our strategy team works with companies in the business formation stage to identify market fit, build buyer personas, and plan a go-to-market strategy. Armed with this strategic marketing plan, companies quickly begin achieving their overall business goals.

“An amazing team of creative professionals to collaborate with! They took the time to really understand and become part of the essence of my vision.”

—Pam M.

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