Announcing This Is Me™ Videos

Introduce Yourself to the World. Everyone's Dying to Meet You.

Videos for Business Owners, Entrepreuneurs and Thought Leaders.

This Is Me Videos™ are quick and easy videos for people building a business or a personal brand.

Your new video will help you connect with more people looking to hire you.

Videos are the single best way to boost your online presence. Make an instant good impression!

Just book your appointment, plan your script and shoot your video. It's that easy.

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Fill out the quick form below and we'll get you scheduled for your shoot. Need a new headshot while you're here? Just ask!
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Be prepared for your shoot by completing your script using our online Script-Maker. Our tool makes it easy to think through what you want to say.
Shoot It!
Come to our studio in north Austin and shoot your video with our experienced director. Appointments typically last 30-45 minutes and it's painless! 
Share It!
You'll receive your finished video in 10 business days to review. Share it by posting it on your website, social media and emailing it to your contacts.
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This Is Me™ Videos are recorded at Korey Howell Photography Studios by their marketing partner Hot Dog Marketing.

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