Exiting a Business

Planning the Exit Strategy from a Business?

At the Exit Stage

You’re moving on. But just like the early stages of a business can be unpredictable, so can the final stage. When seeking an exit, it is essential to maximize the brand equity and market value that your company has built up. Making the organization more marketable includes calibrating the business model, cultivating the company’s reputation, and setting the acquirer up for success.

Making your business attractive to a buyer takes some time and planning to maximize the value you’ll receive for your years of hard work. At this point, you’ll likely be spending 50% or more of your time marketing the business, therefore all operations should be able to run efficiently without your direct attention.

Marketing Challenges for Business Owners at the Exit Stage

  • Owners are still running operations themselves while trying to market the business
  • Brand identity for the company must stand on its own–apart from charismatic leaders
  • Maintaining market position is essential
  • Establishing a clear sales pipeline

Pursuing Business Growth

At the exit stage, you will probably find yourself with little time or energy to consider how to position your company to organizations looking to acquire. On top of that, finding and communicating with interested parties adds another layer of effort. It can be also challenging to view the company from an outside perspective–making proper due diligence stressful and emotional.

At Hot Dog Marketing, our strategy team steps in as objective experts for when you begin planning your exit strategy. With our business acumen and strategic approach, we maximize the value for both you and the acquiring company.

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