Background In the competitive building industry of Austin, Texas, a company specializing in building envelopes faced a pivotal moment. RenownedRead More

Your browser does not support the video tag. Introduction Potentia, a nascent SAAS company, embarked on a mission to bolsterRead More

Pruvan approached Hot Dog Marketing to help them solve for their next phase of growth. Initially, they approached the agencyRead More

Hot Dog Marketing determined a strategy to increase brand awareness that fit within the budget and goals of The Law Office of Ryan Deck. The solution was to establish stronger local brand awareness through social media and social advertising campaigns with a crucial focus on video marketing.

Hot Dog Marketing worked with Longhorn Solar on a digital marketing lead acquisition strategy that involved building an interactive, proprietary solar calculator that enabled potential customers to easily conduct their own cost/benefit analysis of “going solar.”

Hot Dog Marketing launched a digital marketing strategy that leveraged Bella Salon’s existing ad spend in smarter, more productive channels.