Brandon Cornwell

Brandon Cornwell

Creative Director

“Make something great. Then make it better.”

Brandon Cornwell is a classically trained designer with an education that stems from a background in fine art. He oversees the branding, graphic design and web design projects for Hot Dog Marketing clients. His experience working with demanding corporate companies and associations brings an elite level of design work for Hot Dog Marketing’s small business partners.

On why you’d want to hire someone knowledgeable to handle your creative work, he believes, “A logo is a lot like a tattoo. You’re pretty much going to have it for the rest of your life and you probably don’t want your your girlfriend’s cousin’s friend to make it for you in their basement — you get what you pay for.”

  • Enjoys coming up with creative solutions to complex problems
  • Spends free time hand painting little plastic toys
  • Cannot resist fancy cheese and a good beer