Why Small Businesses Should Use WordPress

By Jessica Scanlon

WordPress – if you’re not a particularly tech-y person, you may have heard of WordPress or you may only associate the brand with blogging, but WordPress has come a long way and is now one of the most popular open source platforms for creating and managing a website without the need to understand a lot of code. You’d be surprised how many websites today are creating using the WordPress platform. Should your business be using WordPress? Yes! And here’s why:

1. Easy to Manage Your Own Content

From the business owner’s perspective, putting together a new website is a daunting task, and if you’re strapped for cash, the idea of hiring someone because you need to make a simple change to your site’s content puts a lot of pressure on the initial development process. Relax! WordPress is a simple system to use, and with a little practice, you can master making text changes and even graphic changes. No need to hire an hourly contractor for simple fixes.

2. You Need to Blog so Why Not Use WordPress

WordPress is still built for blogging, so incorporating a blog into your website is a seamless process. Blogging is the best way to make your site a rich source of relevant web content. You are the expert on whatever you do – whether its baking cupcakes or selling insurance, you have knowledge and news to share. Keep your website up-to-date by blogging on the one of the most widely used platforms for blogging.

3. Tons of Plug-Ins

Because WordPress is open-source, developers are constantly making new plug-ins that can make just about anything possible for your website without having to spend hours of your own time or the developer’s time creating these functions from scratch. Plug-ins are as complicated as e-commerce and membership management plug-ins to adding a like button that links to your Facebook page. The world of plug-ins is a whole new world of possibilities.

4. WordPress is Google-Friendly

Because WordPress sites are so full of great content, Google’s system crawls WordPress for search results meaning that your WordPress-built site has a better chance of ranking well when people are searching for your products and services. And, speaking of plug-ins, there are a number of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plug-ins that you can add to your site that allow you to easily manage keywords and meta-tags.

5. It’s Media and Mobile Friendly

Compelling websites are ones that use slideshows, videos and other great media to engage the website user. In addition, many pre-designed WordPress themes are mobile-friendly and will automatically take your incredible media and shrink it to fit a responsive format.

Hot Dog Marketing can make whatever website your business needs, but 99% of our clients go with WordPress and we’re happy to recommend it. If you’re ready to discuss your new website with us. Please contact us!