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Nice Sales Advice from a Surprising Source

Words of wisdom for mind, body and health are easy to find inside Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine. But this month’s issue has a recipe for Self-Promotion. I thought I’d include tidbits here for your enjoyment.

Be One with Your Work

Stand in integrity with what you’re selling. You’re putting something out there that you love. Be in the pride of that and know you’re being of service. When you make it more about service than selling, it changes everything.

Avoid Truthiness

Just be honest and state the facts, which can be as simple as “A lot of people love my stuff.” That’s a fact. It’s not deceptive; it’s not inflated. People sense when you’re overtalking. Like when you say of a new company, “Collectively, we have a hundred and fifty years of experience.” It’s meaningless.

Speak Your Language

Talk to your people the way you want to be spoken to…If you’re playful, be playful. If your product is about wellness, then use language that is about vitality. It’s got to be in your tone.

Tell Your Story

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling . . . People want to know who’s behind it. If you started baking cookies to put the kids through school and it turned into an overnight success, that’s a great story.

Find Your Audience

It’s death to try to please everyone. When you know what audience you should cater to, you don’t have to work that hard to sell anything.

Start Radiating

Healthy pride is magnetic because it’s rooted in passion. There’s nothing to apologize for there. Keep a journal of your successes.